Through the demo drop feature, wishes to motivate and support aspiring producers. Before submitting a demo, carefully read the following guidelines:

  • Don’t submit demo tracks you didn’t produce yourself or which contain uncleared parts, beats, melody’s, samples, vocals, or any other elements of someone else’s track. Don’t upload bootlegs, mashups or remixes of someone else’s track. We want to hear your original creations! You are fully responsible and fully liable for the demo’s you upload to the website. In addition, Kangarooli reserves the right to issue a warning, remove infringing demo's, to block access to infringing demo's at its sole discretion. If your demo has been removed or blocked, you shall be notfied by email. If you believe your demo has been wrongly removed or blocked, you may file a defense through the feedback form on the Website. In no event Kangarooli shall be liable for damages following removal or blocking of your demo;
  • Write a small description of the track, yourself, your career, add a link to your website or other social media if you have other cool tracks we need to hear
  • By submitting your demo you allow and agree that the demo is, including other uses :
    • published on the website,
    • made available for rating and feedback  by others, sharing by others via their own social media accounts;
    • eligible for Oliver Heldens’ Heldeep Radio Show.
  • Should you wish to remove a submitted demo, please use the Feedback form on the website or send an email to Please be aware that even though you have removed your demo from the website, it may be still included in the Heldeep Radio Show.
  • Please provide constructive feedback to someone’s demo and refrain from unrespectful comments;

Unfortunately Oliver is unable to respond individually and provide feedback to all submitted demo’s.

For more detailed information including the granted permissions pertaining your submitted demo, carefully read our Terms & Conditions.